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4 tips that can help you to get pregnant

"What can I more do to increase my fertility" is a question we often get from our patients whom tries to conceive. After giving birth to over 200 babies where most of the parents have done IVF without success. Here are my tips in what you can by yourself. This tips will work!

Get control of the situation don't let the situation control you!
Try to find ways to detach yourself from getting obsess with getting pregnant.
Getting obsess will great hormones that will work against your fertility. Try to find happiness in life!
This one is really hard since the entire process of waiting and wanting, one disappointment after another one drains you of positive energy. Most of our patients say "I will be happy when I get pregnant." well the problem is that it doesn't work that way. Just think about when most unwanted pregnancy occurs. It is often during the time when we are in love but do not want a child. Out mind is full of love not full of frustration. We don't m…

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